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Code Name Price Min Ord Quantity  
GB10R 1-inch 100/120 grit regular grinder bit $29.95  
GB10M170 1-inch 170 grit medium grinder bits $29.95  
GB10F220 1-inch 220 grit fine grinder bits $29.95  
GB10U600 1-inch 600 grit ultra fine grinder bit $34.95  
GB14R 1/4-inch 100/120 grit regular grinder bit $22.95  
GB18R 1/8-inch 100/120 grit regular grinder bit $22.95  
DB18 1/8-inch core 100/120 grit Drill Bit $14.95  
MSC025 3 bell flower $3.00  
GB34R 3/4-inch 100/120 grit regular grinder bit $24.95  
GB34M170 3/4-inch 170 grit medium grinder bit $24.95  


AANRAKU and the crossed-lines logo in oval are U.S. registered trademarks of Jeffrey Castaline
d/b/a Aanraku Glass Studios. The AGS triangle logo, the leaf-shaped bail logos, and the leaf-shaped
product designs (trade dress) are trademarks of Jeffrey Castaline d/b/a Aanraku Glass Studios.
Jewelry Leaf Bail design - Copyright 2002
Large Belt Buckle design - Copyright 2003
Thin Foil Shear design - Copyright 2003
Small Belt Buckle design - Copyright 2004
Letter Opener design - Copyright 2004
Wine bottle stopper designs - Copyright 2004-2007
Earring bail design - Copyright 2005.
Drawer Pull design - Copyright 2006
Purse Hanger design - Copyright 2006
Wall Mount Device design - Copyright
Pendant Plate design - Copyright
Lead Stop Block design - Copyright
Toilet Paper Holder design - Copyright 2007
"Tracker" glass cutter design- US Patent Pending
Nick's Grinder Mate design - US Patent #5607344
Heart Bail D602,809 Patented 2009
Celtic Bail D604,658 Patented 2009
Christian Fish Bail D605,546, Patented 2010
Paw Print Bail D614,074 Patented 2010
Short Letter Opener Copyright 2010
Pattern Bails - Copyright 2011

Contact: Aanraku Glass Studios
41 South Railroad Avenue San Mateo CA 94401
tel: 650-372-0527 fax: 650-372-0566

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